GuyAngelo can trace his dj-ing roots
back to a creative teenage impulse to
combine song segments with 3 things:

1 Vinyl Record turntable
1 Cassette Recorder/Boombox
And the family vinyl record collection.
This 70’s and 80’s kid was raised on
Northern California Top 40 Radio.
Drawn to the sound of 70’s Disco to
80’s New Wave and ElectroFunk,
Guy is ready to spin from the playlist
of his memories as well as the
current sound.
GuyAngelo pursued dj-ing
professionally after experiencing the
late ‘90’s S.F. club scene. He was
especially taken by the sound of
“house music”.  Hearing  pieces of
songs  he grew up listening to in a
new form of dance music would
eventually bring him full circle. Guy
considers himself more of a “purist” -
collecting and playing those classic
tracks in their original form and in the

GuyAngelo has made the long trek
from bedroom DJ to your fully
skilled and talented DJ professional,
with the experience to handle any
event.  He especially welcomes
requests and works to create a
“sound” unique to individual clients.
Just throw it at him and he will send
it back under his working motto:

“Your Music Is My Music”
  • Weddings
  • Corporate
  • Clubs
  • Bars
  • Residential
ph. 415-410-5491